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10 November 2023
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Nature's Answer to Serenity and Wellness

Nature has a way of surprising us with its remarkable gifts, and Sibelius™: Chamomile is one such example. This blog explores the fascinating story behind Sibelius™: Chamomile and how it has become a game-changer for individuals seeking serenity and wellness.

The Remarkable Story Behind Sibelius™: Chamomile

Our story begins on our Roman chamomile farm where the groundskeeper discovered something extraordinary. One day, as he was working on the farm, the groundskeeper noticed a remarkable change in his hay fever symptoms. Typically plagued by sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose during the pollen-heavy season, he suddenly found himself breathing easier. His discomfort had significantly diminished, and the reason was right in front of him - Roman chamomile.

The groundskeeper soon realized that the time he spent amidst the chamomile fields appeared to provide some form of natural allergy relief. With this newfound revelation, he decided to take a handful of chamomile stems and place them in his top pocket. As days turned into weeks and the allergy season persisted, he continued this practice. Surprisingly, his hay fever symptoms remained at bay.

Sibelius™: Chamomile: A Scientific Breakthrough

Sibelius™: Chamomile is a patented, scientifically evidenced, high-quality Roman chamomile extract (Chamaemelum nobile) that promotes restful sleep and relaxation naturally. Derived from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of Roman chamomile grown in the UK, this herb has strong antioxidant, sleep health and calming benefits.

The story of Sibelius™: Chamomile is a testament to the incredible healing properties found in the natural world. From the initial observation of a dedicated groundskeeper to the scientific breakthrough of Sibelius™: Chamomile, this high-quality Roman chamomile extract has become a beacon of serenity and wellness.

Download the whitepaper to learn everything about Sibelius™: Chamomile:

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Sibelius is a developer and marketer of high-value, clinically validated natural ingredients for use in dietary supplements, foods and beverages. The company is focused on building modern scientific evidence behind well-known botanicals, helping consumers to make informed decisions about the supplements they choose to purchase. Sibelius’ ingredient portfolio supports unique claims associated with cognition, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, cardiovascular health and men’s health. For more information, please fill in the form below:
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