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We are highly committed to delivering the highest quality products and services.

The Quality Assurance team is committed to ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards and regulations.

No ingredient is released from Sibelius without rigorous testing. All of our ingredients are fully traceable, from raw material to finished products.

Our Quality Assurance team is always ready to assist you in your product development needs.

Quality at Sibelius

At Sibelius, quality is of great importance to us and our customers. We invest heavily in ensuring only the best quality batches leave our warehouse and arrive at our customer's doors. 

View our quality policy. 

Global View

Our in house team has a full global view of the regulatory needs for quality. We work closely with our customers to ensure their product arrives ready for the market ahead.

Customer First 

At Sibelius, we go beyond the regulatory requirements and work with our customers to provide additional testing from active ingredient levels through to chemical analysis for effective product formulations.


Working with Sibelius is a partnership. We understand that ingredients that leave our warehouse will be used in whole host of formats, from tablets and capsules, to food, drink applications and sprays. We consciously test and improve our spec and technical sheets to support you in your formulations.

To read our quality policy, click here. 

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