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At Sibelius, our innovation is delivered by our ability to uncover the potential of natural ingredients and synergistic combi nations. Similarly, our organization's success is driven by our ability to synergize the knowledge and expertise of each department.

Management and Directors

The company’s management team and board collectively have over 230 years of experience in satisfying consumers needs in the health and wellbeing sector. Their vast experience covers plant-based R&D, health & wellness, botanical ingredients, farming, supply chain and marketing. On top of this, the company benefits from an advisory board consisting of three professors with qualifications in Pharmaceutical, Bio-Chemistry, Epigenetics and Health Sciences.
Peter Leyland
CEO | BSc Hons (Newcastle), MBA (Manchester)
Stephen Caiger
Sourcing Director | M.Ag.Sc (Reading)
Dr. Kieron Edwards
Chief Scientific Officer | BSc Hons (Bristol), PhD (Warwick), MBA (Cantab)
Farid Ahmed
Finance Director | BSc (Kings College, London), MBA (Hull), CertFMM
Michelle Sept
Business Development Director | BComm (U Alberta)
Abigail Heaton
Global Marketing Manager | ACIM
Eva Tseliou
Quality Assurance & Business Development Manager | BSc, MSc (University of Patras)
Sotirios Kleidonas
Laboratory Operations Manager | BSc (DUTH), MSc (AU)
Melina Saoulidou
Marketing Executive | BSc (DUTH), MSc (OBU)
Disa Pratt
Director | BA (Simmons University)
Dr. Alexandre Akoulitchev
Director | MA (Oxon), PhD (UCL), FRSM
Stephen Diggle
Director | MA (Oxon)
James Berlino

Advisory Board

Professor Michael Heinrich
Professor/Head of Centre - SOP Pharmaceutical & Bio Chemistry, UCL School of Pharmacy
Professor Jane Mellor
Professor of Epigenetics, Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University
Professor John Clapham
PRO Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at Buckingham University

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