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Read the latest news from Sibelius™ Natural Products.

13 October 2021 
Sibelius appoint Carlo Sessa as a Distributor within the EU
Sibelius Natural Products is pleased to announce that Carlo Sessa has been appointed as a new distributor within the EU […]
27 July 2021 
Sibelius™: MyceliAid newest launch gets a non-GMO certificate
Looking for a research baked ingredient for immunity and skin that’s non-GMO? Sibelius™ Natural Products launched their newest ingredient Sibelius™: […]
22 July 2021 
Traceability with Sibelius™: Sage
Traceability is not just of major importance for us here at Sibelius, but it is also a growing trend amongst […]
15 July 2021 
Plant powered, science driven & built for brains
Brain health is a major trend that isn’t slowing down. Research shows the supplements market for brain health is worth […]
12 July 2021 
Using science to determine product development direction
At Sibelius, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers through the research and development of consumer health products. The main […]
21 June 2021 
Ageing gracefully with Sibelius™: Sage
With no signs of slowing down, brain health has been a key trend in recent years. From improving memory in […]
30 November 2020 
3 Tips to successfully formulate with Natural Oils
3 TIPS TO SUCCESSFULLY FORMULATE WITH NATURAL OILS Plant-derived oils have long been used by ancient civilizations for their multiple […]
16 November 2020 
Running 7k in aid of Oxfordshire Mind
RUNNING 7K IN AID OF OXFORDSHIRE MIND - Charity fundraising update - As we announced on alongside our Corporate Social […]
22 September 2020 
Here's why consumers love Sibelius™:Sage
t]What is Sibelius™:Sage? And why are people loving it? Take a look at our Ingredient review to find out what […]
26 May 2020 
Supporting healthy brain function with botanicals
Ageing population and cognitive decline  According to the “World Population Ageing” report published by the United Nations, in 2030, older […]
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