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Developing natural and clinically researched ingredients that meet consumers' needs

Our Natural Ingredients

Supporting wellness with plant-based ingredients, Sibelius™ takes traditionally used ingredients and provides the scientific evidence and clinical validation to support a number consumer need states.

Our belief is that natural ingredients can make a great contribution towards healthy ageing. This is why we are constantly investing in building modern scientific evidence behind well-known botanicals, helping our partners as well as consumers to make informed decisions.
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Best Ingredient From The Best Source

Chronoscreen™ is our patented powerful screening platform for the discovery, evaluation and monitoring of biologically active natural ingredients. The platform represents the first step in our evaluation of the source of a new ingredient candidate.

Chronoscreen™ can be applied for biological testing of a broad range of natural ingredients and provides invaluable insights at an early stage of New Product Development.
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Scientific test tubes containing different specimens of natural health products.

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