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29 January 2020
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Sibelius reaffirms CSR commitment with policy, announces partnership with Oxfordshire Mind

Oxford, UK, 29 January 2020 – Sibelius Natural Products, developers of high-quality, scientifically evidenced and clinically proven natural ingredients for the nutraceutical market, today reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and ethical business practice with the release of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Sibelius also announced a two-year partnership with Oxfordshire Mind, a mental health charity providing support to individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Sibelius’ CSR policy is founded on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that the company’s business operations fall in line with the top issues and priorities facing the planet. The policy focuses on three goals:

  • Ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all (SDG 3)
  • Ensuring quality education and life-long learning for all (SDG 4)
  • Sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG 12)

“Our CSR policy puts sustainability at the heart of our business model,” said Peter Leyland, CEO of Sibelius Natural Products. “We see this as an essential aspect of informing and framing all our activities and capabilities as our company continues to expand.”

Sibelius’ CSR policy also establishes a commitment to charitable giving; particularly to charities and initiatives in the community which fit alongside the company’s mission and pledge to the SDGs. Sibelius has therefore signed a two-year partnership with Oxfordshire Mind – a local mental health charity whose mission is to promote good mental health through a variety of high quality services and campaigning.

Commenting on the partnership, Dan Knowles, CEO of Oxfordshire Mind said: “We are delighted that Sibelius has chosen to partner with Oxfordshire Mind for the next two years.  Funds raised will help us to provide invaluable advice and support to people across our community.”

The partnership is influenced by Sibelius’ commitment to providing a healthy, supportive work environment for all team members. During the two-year period, the company aims to raise over £2,000 through a variety of team activities, including the Blenheim 7k race, bake sales, raffles, quizzes and more.

“Emotional and mental wellbeing are vital parts of life and should be taken just as seriously as physical wellbeing,” said Leyland. “We are very excited to be partnering with Oxfordshire Mind, and our team looks forward to supporting individuals around Oxfordshire with mental health issues through our fundraising efforts.”

To learn more about Sibelius’ Corporate Social Responsibility policy and Oxfordshire Mind, click here.

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