Posted, 13 March 2024

The Growing Demand for Natural Solutions in the Male Fertility Market

Male fertility plays a crucial role in the process of human reproduction. However, various factors can affect male reproductive health, leading to decreased fertility rates. With the increasing awareness of fertility issues, couples seeking to conceive are actively looking for solutions to enhance their chances of successful conception. This growing demand has created a market opportunity for natural products that support male fertility.

Understanding Male Infertility

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 17.5% of the adult population worldwide experience fertility issues, with male factors contributing to about 50% of these cases. Male infertility can be attributed to various factors, including hormonal imbalances, genetic abnormalities, lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and reproductive system disorders.

The Rise of Natural Solutions

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards natural and clean-label products in various industries, including the health and wellness sector. Consumers are increasingly seeking products that are free from synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients. This trend extends to the male fertility market, as couples are looking for natural options to address their reproductive health concerns.

Introducing Sibelius™:LactoMato: A Natural Solution for Male Fertility

One such natural solution that has gained attention in the male fertility market is Sibelius™:LactoMato. LactoMato is a proprietary lycopene extract from Sibelius Natural Products, a UK-based nutraceutical company. This extract is derived from tomatoes and is backed by multiple clinical studies demonstrating its ability to support male reproductive health1, prostate health, and cardiovascular health2.

The Science Behind LactoMato

Lycopene is a carotenoid compound found predominantly in red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, red grapefruit, and guava. It is known for its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cardioprotective activities. However, lycopene is poorly absorbed by the human body. To overcome this challenge, LactoMato is a patented formulation of lactolycopene, which improves solubility and bioavailability, making it a more efficient ingredient as well as improving its stability.

Clinical Studies and Results

Clinical research conducted on Sibelius™:LactoMato has shown promising results in supporting male fertility. In a three-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial conducted at the University of Sheffield, UK, participants who were supplemented with LactoMato demonstrated significant improvements in semen quality compared to the placebo group1. The study found that Sibelius™:LactoMato increased the proportion of healthy sperm and improved sperm speed by up to 40%.

The Unique Selling Proposition of LactoMato

Sibelius™:LactoMato stands out in the male fertility market due to its unique attributes. Firstly, it is a natural and clean-label ingredient, meeting the growing consumer demand for natural solutions. Secondly, it is patented and clinically validated, providing scientific evidence of its efficacy. This combination of naturalness, scientific backing, and efficacy makes Sibelius™:LactoMato a compelling choice for couples looking to enhance their chances of conception.

Incorporating Sibelius™:LactoMato into Dietary Supplements and Food Applications

Sibelius Natural Products offers LactoMato for use in dietary supplements and food and beverage applications. This versatility allows for convenient and varied consumption options, catering to the preferences and lifestyles of different individuals. Whether it's in the form of a supplement capsule or incorporated into functional food and beverages, Sibelius™:LactoMato provides an accessible and practical solution for those seeking to improve male reproductive health.


As the demand for natural solutions in the male fertility market continues to rise, products like Sibelius™:LactoMato provide a much-needed answer to couples struggling with reproductive health issues. Backed by scientific research and offering a clean label, Sibelius™:LactoMato stands out as an effective and natural option for supporting male fertility.

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