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8 June 2018
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Top 5 Health Benefits of Sage!

Tuesday, 5 June, 2018 | Sebastien Combret

Sage, known as Salvia Officinalis native to the Mediterranean area, has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries and its properties made it a popular remedy throughout history and across different cultures (Middle-east, Asia, and Europe). During the middle-ages, Emperor Charlemagne recommended its cultivation and had it grown in the Imperial Gardens. This venerable herb has many benefits, thanks to its high concentration of powerful antioxidants, but how can it help you? Read on and find out with our Top 5 Health Benefits of Sage!

1. Protection from Alzheimer’s
Sage has been traditionally used for memory improvement and enhanced “brain” function, delaying onset of age-related cognitive decline. In addition, sage has been shown to delay early cognitive impairment in patients with mild dementia, associated with Alzheimer’s disease, such as learning, memory and information processing abilities. Quality products like Sibelius’ Sage for Seniors are well worth checking out.

To read the rest of the article, visit the Keep Fit Kingdom website here.

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