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24 January 2022
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Sibelius™: LactoMato: A true breakthrough in cardiovascular and men's health

Men’s health is an underserved sector with the available wellness products offering very little in the male health category. What are the biggest health concerns for men? There are several health concerns that men have today including cardiovascular health, prostate health, reproductive health and healthy aging. Based on statistics, heart-related problems constitute the leading cause of death worldwide, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year1

Sibelius supports men’s health offering SibeliusTM: LactoMato, a branded, scientifically evidenced and clinically proven natural Lycopene Complex, specially developed to support cardiovascular and prostate health and promote healthy sperm function. Sibelius™: LactoMato is a unique formulation in which tomato extract, standardized to lycopene, is embedded in a whey protein matrix. This process results in a reduction of lycopene particle size,2 and is believed to be the reason Sibelius™: LactoMato has improved bioavailability when compared to other sources of lycopene.

Dr. Kieron Edwards (Chief Science Officer at Sibelius), and Melina Saoulidou (Digital Marketing Assistant at Sibelius) discuss the benefits of SibeliusTM: LactoMato and explain why you should choose SibeliusTM: LactoMato rather than standard lycopene.

To better understand the superiority of SibeliusTM: LactoMato, it is important to understand the complexity of lycopene's bioavailability.

Watch the webinar below to discover the science behind Sibelius™: LactoMato:


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Sibelius is a developer and marketer of high-value, clinically validated natural ingredients for use in dietary supplements, foods and beverages. The company is focused on building modern scientific evidence behind well-known botanicals, helping consumers to make informed decisions about the supplements they choose to purchase. Sibelius’ ingredient portfolio supports unique claims associated with cognition, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, cardiovascular health and men’s health. For more information, please fill in the form below:
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