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6 October 2013 
9 Sibelius Proprietary Products Developed
Sibelius' developed proprietary products now number 9, with highly active base ingredients augmented by synergistic combinations. A further 3 products […]
1 August 2013 
Sibelius Signs Contract with Creeyan
Sibelius signs contract with Creeyan Laboratories, Malaysia, to utilise the ChronoscreenTM to analyse lead product -Immuno-IBG.
30 July 2013 
Type II Diabetes Mellitus Screening
Sibelius embarks upon Type II Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) screening combining patent pending screening technology with bespoke genetic array.
18 February 2013 
Development of Third Proprietary Product
Sibelius has begun development of its third proprietary nutraceutical product. 
14 January 2013 
High Through-Put Mechanism of Action Screening
Sibelius has completed a final report on the Mechanism of Action (MOA) of an active anti-ageing compound from a world leading […]
10 October 2012 
Novel Proprietary Anti-Ageing Compound Discovered
Sibelius has identified a highly potent anti-ageing compound and is now commencing combination screening with this compound to seek out […]
17 September 2012 
Development of Second Proprietary Product
Following successful identification of active compounds Sibelius is preparing the development of its second proprietary nutraceutical product.
10 September 2012 
Successful Synergistic Combinations Identified
Sibelius has identified several synergistic combinations for a customer. By screening Sibelius' bespoke library of natural products in combination with the customer's […]
17 August 2012 
Development of Proprietary Product
Following successful identification of active compounds, Sibelius is preparing the development of its first proprietary nutraceutical product for cognition.
13 August 2012 
Novel Proprietary High Throughput Screening Developed
Sibelius has developed an innovative, high throughput method for screening C. elegans healthspan having  completed a successful trial to validate […]
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