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12 November 2020 
Essential Nutrition LactoMato is finalist in the NutraIngredients Asia Awards 2020
Essential Nutrition LactoMato is finalist in the NutraIngredients Asia Awards 2020  Sibelius Natural Products is excited to announce that Essential […]
5 November 2020 
Sibelius Natural Products appoints New Distributor for Japan
Sibelius Natural Products is delighted to announce a new partnership with a Japanese distributor, which enables us to sell our […]
22 October 2020 
Sibelius expands its portfolio with a new Natural Oils line!
Dedicated to developing scientifically evidenced natural ingredients for healthy ageing, Sibelius Natural Products is pleased to announce the release of […]
11 May 2020 
Join Sibelius' New Sampling Campaign!
Research shows that men’s health is an underserved sector not only in nutraceutical development and research but in society too. […]
23 March 2020 
A message from Sibelius Natural Products
Dear customers and partners, As Sibelius Natural Products, we appreciate the ongoing community concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We hope […]
11 March 2020 
Sibelius debuts Milled Sibelius™: Sage
Sibelius Natural Products is proud to announce that our branded ingredient, Sibelius™:Sage, is now available in a new milled format […]
5 February 2020 
Sibelius Natural Products partners with Oxfordshire Mind
Sibelius Natural Products has released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and announced a two-year partnership with Oxfordshire Mind, a […]
29 January 2020 
Sibelius reaffirms CSR commitment with policy, announces partnership with Oxfordshire Mind
Oxford, UK, 29 January 2020 – Sibelius Natural Products, developers of high-quality, scientifically evidenced and clinically proven natural ingredients for […]
5 November 2019 
Sibelius Introduces Lycopene Formulation Supports Reproductive, Prostate & Cardiovascular Health
Sibelius Natural Products has launched its proprietary lycopene (LactoLycopene) extract, Sibelius: LactoMato, a unique formulation made from tomato oleoresin that’s […]
24 October 2019 
Sibelius Debuts Chamomile Extract for Sleep Support & Immune Health
Sibelius Natural Products has launched its latest botanical ingredient, Sibelius: Chamomile. Extracted from Roman chamomile, which is known for its […]
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