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28 October 2011 
Eu Yang San Testing & Development Agreement
Testing and Development Agreement signed with Eu Yan Sang International Pte Limited.
6 October 2011 
Development of Sibelius Proprietary Formulation
Sibelius starts the development of its own proprietary and synergistic formulations for CLS extension.
20 September 2011 
Health and Wellness Innovations signs Licence Agreement with Sibelius
Collaboration and Licence Agreement signed with Pharmacist Health and Wellness Innovations (USA).
17 July 2011 
Sibelius Validates Synergistic Extension of Chronological Life Span
Sibelius Validates the synergistic extension of Chronological Lifespan (CLS) by using a unique combination of natural compounds in the Chronoscreen™.
15 June 2011 
Successful Proof Principal Mouse Trial with Chronoscreen™ Validated Compound
Chronos Therapeutics completes successful proof of principle mouse trial with a compound initially validated in the Chronoscreen™.
28 May 2011 
Eu Yan Sang Signs Development Contract with Sibelius
Sibelius signs development contract with Eu Yan Sang, Asia's leading healthcare company and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist. Listed on the […]
21 May 2011 
CellResearch Corp signs development contract with Sibelius
Sibelius signs development contract with the global integrated medicine company, CellResearch Corp Pte. Limited (CRC). Founded in 2002, CellResearch Corp […]
9 December 2010 
RDC5 Reduces the Levels of Toxic Protein Aggregates
In pre-clinical models, Chronos Therapeutics' patented compound RDC5 and CHR1 (originally identified via the Chronoscreen™)show significant effects on pre-clinical model […]
1 October 2010 
Completion of the 30,000 compound analysis in Chronoscreen™ Initiated in February 2010
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