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Sibelius Sage

Sibelius™: MyceliAid is a scientifically evidenced full-spectrum chaga extract developed to promote skin health, support immune function and overall wellness. It is also sustainably grown, traceable and suitable for several delivery forms.

For centuries, traditional Asian medicine has used extracts of chaga mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus) as longevity tonics and immune-system boosters.


Help your inner and outer beauty flourish.
Help your inner and outer beauty flourish
  • Sibelius™: MyceliAid possesses strong dermal rejuvenating properties, boosting collagen levels (Col-I & III), improving elasticity and overall skin health*.
  • Preclinical studies showed that MyceliAid reduces inflammation markers including VCAM-1 and IP-10 in an in-vitro model of skin health.
Build up your body's defences naturally
  • A strong immune system is the foundation of good health. Sibelius™: MyceliAid immuno-modulatory activity, showing induction of response markers including IL-6 and IgG in an in vitro model of T-cell-dependent B-cell activation (1); a key component of the adaptive immune system.

The Proof is in the Science

Easy to Use

Sibelius™: MyceliAid can be easily incorporated in a variety of finished products.

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