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Sibelius Sage

Recognised as being the finest quality mint oil in the world, our barrel-aged English Peppermint Oil provides an astonishing flavour and aroma in food, beverage & cosmetic preparations.


Sibelius ingredients are developed with great focus on traceability and quality control and are tested with our patented Chronoscreen™ platform that helps us only launch the best ingredients from the best sources that meet consumers' needs.
Exclusive source

Derived from an heirloom variety of mint grown in England.

Barrel-aged for two years

A process that transforms it into an astonishingly aromatic ingredient.

Blends with other oils

Blends well with other natural oils including chamomile, sage, basil, eucalyptus and geranium.

About English Peppermint


Peppermint can be easily incorporated in a variety of finished products.

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