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31 January 2022
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Discover the digestive power of Sibelius™: Chamomile

The power of Chamomile

Chamomile is widely used throughout the world as it is one of the most known and earliest medicinal herbs that possess strong antioxidant, immune health and calming properties. Based on clinical studies, it is recommended for many ailments including fever, ulcers, muscle spasms, skin irritations and gastrointestinal disorders.1

Supporting digestive health with Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile, formally known as Chamaemelum nobile (syn. Anthemis nobilis) is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs that possess strong antioxidant, immune health and calming properties. It has been used traditionally to naturally promote restful sleep, respiratory and gastrointestinal health.2

The area of gastrointestinal health is one where Roman Chamomile can make a difference. Based on research, millions of consumers each year have gastrointestinal health issues. Roman Chamomile's multifaceted impact on the body’s inflammatory response (BioMap®substantiation) and smooth muscle relaxation effects3 make it an excellent fit for those with digestive woes. The science soundly backs up this statement. Studies have shown multiple benefits in the area of gastrointestinal health, including spasms, upset stomach, gas, and gastrointestinal irritation.4 Gastric biopsies and cytological studies have demonstrated the effect on supporting an impact on the inflammatory effects of chamomile on the stomach and duodenum.5 One of the key areas to positively impact those with gastric upset is in the arena of the impacting smooth muscle. The gastrointestinal tract is comprised mostly of smooth muscles, which, when they begin to spasm, can cause cramping, diarrhea, and nausea. A study by Sándor et al., published in Frontiers in Pharmacology stated, “The predominant effect of the extract, its fractions and flavonoids is relaxation, being more sustained than the transient contraction observed in some cases. This activity is in correlation with the flavonoid content of the extract.” 6

Discover Sibelius™: Chamomile

Considering the multiple benefits of Chamomile, Sibelius has developed Sibelius™: Chamomile, which is a branded, scientifically evidenced, high-quality Roman Chamomile extract specially designed to support sleep, immune health, skin and digestion.  

Sibelius used their patented technology Chronoscreen™ to identify the beneficial effects of their proprietary Roman Chamomile. Chronoscreen™, measures the effect that natural ingredients have on the life span extension of whole organisms exposed to a treatment. This testing method identifies and confirms the evidence of a botanical’s potential health benefits, from which they can determine the pathways essential for the ingredient’s activity.

At Sibelius, we work closely with our customers to create market-leading products using the best ingredients from the best source.  Our research and quality testing provide our customers with the confidence to make market-changing products.

Our Sibelius™: Chamomile can be incorporated into a wide range of formats, contact us today to see how our clinically studied ingredients can drive sales.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about our Sibelius™: Chamomile:


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